Questions from beginners and experts.

Here are some questions you might get or have with the corresponding answers:

You may compete in either a classic or a New Mini. It is important that the Mini meets all legal requirements, is MOT approved and has at least third-party insurance.

No, but we can’t control it. There are too many options for that like cell phones etc. However, we do appeal to the sportsmanship of the participants not to use their navigation device during the rally. The route is structured in such a way that using a navigation system will not help you win the rally, at most to get back to the hotel if you get lost.

No, driving the Dutch Mini Rally is a challenge for both driver and navigator. There is “competition” in 3 different classes so there is something for everyone.

The Comfort class is for the novice rally driver who wants to be introduced to rallying and can get to the finish line without too many complicated game elements. The maps are simple in design and most of the miles of the route will be by “ball-arrow” and “arrow/point shortest route. Other systems also occur. Participants with little or no experience are advised to participate in this class.

The Touring class is for the slightly more experienced rally driver who does enjoy solving a puzzle on the map. The maps are challenging but not overly complicated in design, and the number of ball arrow routes is less than those in the Comfort class.

The Sport Class is for the experienced rally driver who likes to be challenged. The route can be drawn in on maps and has few globe arrows. The maps are more than challenging and have some intricate route assignments.

Look for the current price per team at the respective rally on the home page. A team consists of 2 participants. For this, participants will receive 2 rally shields, hotel accommodations including breakfast and dinner, 2 possible boat crossings with overnight stay and breakfast on board. And of course the necessary rally documents such as beautiful and clear route books: written explanations every day. Drinks for participants and Minis are not included.

For our international multi-day events, the Dutch Mini Rally arranges well catered accommodation incl breakfast and dinner in beautiful hotels. You can usually choose from a room with twin beds or a double bed.

You will receive more info in the weeks leading up to the rally. In addition, you can always contact the organization if you have questions. You can also stay up to date with all the latest news through our website, Instagram and Facebook page.

You will receive the rally shields on the day of departure. Route books will be distributed each day just before the start.

Sponsorship displays are not permitted. Due to the conspicuous nature that rally cars have in the streetscape and to cause as little offense as possible to residents along the route, we request that participants do not display advertising on the participating vehicle.

Our partner Ben van Leeuwen ensures that a service team goes along with the international multi-day events. These highly skilled mechanics can fix many malfunctions and problems. But they are not miracle doctors. Over the past few years, there has never been a problem that the service crew could not fix! Please note that if a Mini cannot continue under its own power then the participant must arrange for repatriation.

There is no technical support during the other events.

At all events, we recommend that you take out a membership with a roadside assistance or breakdown service so that they can help you if the service crew cannot do so on the road.

In addition, of course, you make sure your car is properly checked and in tip-top shape before the start. And of course the best place to do that is with Ben van Leeuwen.

The Dutch Mini Rally is an initiative of Ben van Leeuwen and has been organized by very enthusiastic and experienced rally drivers since 2005. Our extensive experience over the years has allowed us to get to know the very best routes and roads in Great Britain and mainland Europe. Almost all of these roads are quiet and deserted and lead through the most beautiful areas. Therefore, we certainly don’t want to withhold them from you. The Dutch Mini Rally, truly an amazing adventure, not to be missed.