DMR Foundation

The Dutch Mini Rally is the most fun you can have with your Mini!

A day or a few days enjoying driving your Mini as well as stunning scenery. Every year the organizers do their best to find the most beautiful abandoned roads. The Dutch Mini Rally is not a speed event. It is an event where, in addition to good map-reading, the main thing is to enjoy the beautiful scenery, good food, nice pubs and fine hotels as well as conviviality.

For Classic and New

The Dutch Mini Rally is organized by and for Mini enthusiasts. Therefore, only Minis and Mini derivatives are allowed to participate in the rally. Of course, both the Classic and NEW Mini are welcome.

Different classes

Because we are not all the same, we will be driven in different classes.
The Comfort class is mainly for beginners or those who join to enjoy the scenery. Therefore, this class uses simple chart reading systems.
The Touring class is for the slightly more practiced card readers and therefore slightly more complicated card reading systems are used in this class.
Finally, there is the Sport Class. This class is for the seasoned card reader who doesn’t shy away from a (card reading) challenge. For this class, the organization has fun but spirited card reading systems in store every year. Whatever class is participated in, the Dutch Mini Rally is all about enjoying everything that passes by the windows of your Mini.

THREE rallies a year

Three rallies are held each year.

The Dutch Mini Rally:a multi-day rally abroad in the spring .

The Mini Dutch Mini Rally: a one-day rally somewhere in the Netherlands in the fall.

The Dark Dutch Mini Rally: an evening rally somewhere in the Netherlands in the winter.


The organization of the (Mini) Dutch Mini Rally is in the hands of the Dutch Mini Rally Foundation.

The board of this foundation consists of:

Christiaan Wilhelm, president / Joost Bolwidt, secretary / Loes Pieper, treasurer / Dick van Lierop, board member / Stoffer Slofstra, board member